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Sebago Sign Works & Vehicle Advertisting
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More than Just a Sign Shop

Commercial Sign Company – While signage is our thing – at Sebago Signworks we are always thinking outside of the box. We LOVE branding and creating all sorts of visual graphics, displays and artwork on any number of materials and mediums! Because we just can’t help ourselves (and it’s a great excuse to buy cool new tools and equipment!) we often turn Friday afternoon experimenting into creative marketing, gifts and outdoor display items for our customers and the public.  

While we love creating business graphics and signage, here are some of the other products and services we offer here at the shop:

Complimentary & Promotional Branding

Commercial Sign Company

Sometimes doing something a little different is the best way to get your customer’s attention. We realized in creating business graphics and logos for signs, that there are so many other creative applications for your branding. How about wall decals or a carved logo for your entryway? Maybe a changeable sandwich board sign to advertise your specials, special displays for your top products, or a seasonal feather sign. Moveable yard signs are perfect for busy contractors and others who make ‘house calls’. Make sure all your business equipment, office space, and locations where you do business are clearly marked to showcase your business and branding!

Commercial Sign Company That Makes Decals, Labels & Stickers

Once you have your logo and other branding elements, stickers are an economical way to attach your brand to almost anything! Labels and decals allow you to expand your brand marketing instantly and inexpensively. Marking your business “stuff” also protects against theft. They make a great way to purchase giveaway or promotional items that are more economical, and then apply a decal for instant customization (without the custom ordering)! Consider decals, labels and stickers for:

Commercial Sign Company
  • Promotional Materials
  • Product Giveaways
  • Marketing Materials
  • Walls & Architectural Features
  • Office Furniture & Equipment
  • Tools & Equipment

There are so many applications! We say – If it doesn’t move – sticker it!


Commercial Sign Company

We offer a full line of quality, branded apparel and accessories for your business or organization. Having t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, bags, and other accessories with your business logo and branding on them is a great way to market your business while you are at work, out in the field, or as giveaways so others can market for you! You can choose from screen-print or embroidery options, and we have very easy online ordering. All you need to do is select your product, add your design, approve the proof and it will be on the way to you. Of course, if you need other customization or assistance with your design, we can help you at the shop. All the apparel product we offer are proudly made in the USA.

Plasma Cut Steel Art & Gifts

We recently added a plasma steel cutting table to our shop equipment and boy are we having a lot of fun with it! We can create almost any custom design for you, and we have a lot of stock designs to choose from. Our stock designs start at just $27.50, and are perfect for your home, business or to give as a great gift!

Commercial Sign Company


Our Stoneworks division offers custom stone engraving and rock carving. Stone carving is an age-old form of sculpture. With our carving equipment, we can turn the surface of natural stone into a detailed design. Our graphic designers can work with you to create a custom design, or we have stock designs and images to choose from as well. We can come to you and carve your name into a large boulder in your yard, or you can bring us a rock you love and want to have carved. You can also choose from a large variety of stones at our shop. We offer customers beautiful, uniquely carved stone-works that dress up your home or business yard, garden or make special unique gifts!

Commercial Sign Company
Custom Carved Stones are Perfect for:
  • Address Markers
  • Boulder Driveway Signs
  • Business Signs
  • Garden Art
  • Pet Memorials
  • Wedding, Anniversary & Housewarming Gifts

Turn your favorite stone into a one-of-a-kind work of art. If you can envision it – we can carve it!

Custom Vehicle Advertising, Truck Lettering & Car Wraps

Commercial Sign Company

Truck lettering and vehicle wraps are a low-cost, super effective way to market your business. You are basically taking your business card for everyone to see with you wherever you go. While you are driving down the highway, parked at a customer location, or even buying groceries – your vehicle is advertising your business products and services. Vehicle advertising creates brand awareness, builds trust in your company, and creates instant referrals to your business. Vehicle advertising has proven to have very strong return on investment, making it a smart way to spend your advertising and marketing dollars!

And of Course…Custom Signs!

Professional business signs and graphics draw people to your business, build brand awareness, and help your business stand out against your competitors. At Sebago Signworks, we can develop custom logos and branding for you, or work with your existing graphics, to design, create and install any business signage you need. We do our own installation to ensure quality, dependable service for our customers every time!

Can We Do That? Let’s Try!

So as you can see, Sebago Signworks & Vehicle Advertising offers a HUGE variety of creative, effective and unique products and services for your business and your home! Much more than a standard Commercial Sign Company. We are just a bunch of creative types over here, always thinking of what we can create next. If you have a promotional idea for your business or organization, or want a special gift created for a milestone celebration – reach out to see how we might help you.

Ask Us – We Can Probably Make It!