A unique reminder of the love that you shared.

Pet Memorial Stones

We have each had a pet that we loved deeply and couldn’t bear to lose. What a wonderful way to memorialize them by creating personalized pet memorial stone for their grave, or as a way to remember them in your garden or their favorite spot in your yard.

Let Sebago Stoneworks create a custom engraved pet memorial stone for your beloved pet. We understand your feelings of loss and sorrow, and the desire to keep your pet with you. Our handcrafted, carved stones allow you to design just the tribute to your treasured fur family member. We believe these special tributes help with closure and the healing process, and help mark a special spot for you to remember and reflect.

Each of our engraved pet memorial stones is as unique as the pets for whom we they are created. We can use a stone that you provide, or offer up one of our beautiful natural stones from our selection. We can use a design of your choosing or provide some lovely designs for you to select from. Each stone is custom engraved with your pet’s name, dates, and any other information or design you would like to include.

Create a pet memorial for dogs, cats, birds, horse, or any other special animal. Let us help you show your love for your cherished fur family member with a customized pet memorial stone that you’ve designed.

They say pets go to the rainbow bridge where we will see them again.

Read The Rainbow Bridge here, and we hope these words will bring comfort to those grieving the loss of a pet.

Pet Memorial Stones

Create a special monument for your beloved pet with pet memorial stones or pet grave markers. Call us today to start your memorial.