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ADA Compliance Signage

Make sure those with impairments can find their way around your building.

You are required by federal law under the Americans with Disabilities Act to have certain types of signage in your building. This includes signage noting handicap accessible areas, bathrooms, changing rooms, and office names and locations. You cannot ensure your compliance with the ADA rules unless you work with a specialized sign shop that knows how to fulfill ADA regulations.

ADA and other compliance signs help those with disabilities and impairment find their way around your building. They give visitors direction to find specific rooms and offices, and alert them to exit routes for their safety.

ADA compliance

It’s important that guests to your facility:

Can find their way

Feel safe while visiting your business

Feel more important and welcome in your establishment

There are many requirements for appropriate ADA signage that meets all government regulations. This signage doesn’t have to be homely or unbecoming with your branding. With the help of Sebago Signworks, you can have high-quality, branded interior signage that includes the required font, colors and other elements required by the Department of Justice. Please contact us to discuss your ADA and compliance signage needs.

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