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5 Holiday Sign Tips

Holiday Sign Tips – With more people out shopping and running errands during the Christmas season, make sure they are noticing your business. For many retailers, the holidays represent an average of 20 – 40% of annual sales. Even if you aren’t a retail store, you can take advantage of the extra traffic around your business by advertising with good signage.

The key to good Christmas signs is that they stand out with a design that is original, clever, and eye-catching. Focus on color, creativity, and be sure to get your brand message front and center. Working with an experienced sign company will help bring your ideas to life, and ensure your sign looks professional and attention-grabbing.  

At Sebago Signworks, we’ve been helping businesses come up with powerful Christmas signage for decades. In our experience, there are a few tips that will have the most impact on your holiday signs:

Take Advantage of Windows

Most businesses open to the public have windows, so why not make them work for you? People tend to look into windows naturally, so use this space to convey messages about sales and specials, how your business makes the holidays easier, or just offer a Christmas greeting.  If your building restricts signs directly on glass windows, set them up just behind the glass – they’ll still get noticed by passersby. Since people are on the move going past windows, keep window signs simple and easy to read. Your goal is just to convey your brand and draw them into your business.

Offer Help and Direction

The holiday bustle is overwhelming, so make the chaos easier by offering a helping hand with your signs. Signs that give directions or point out specific points or products of interest will make someone’s shopping easier. Call out key displays, popular items, or directions to popular destinations (like the restrooms, parking or vending machines).  

Get in the Holiday Spirit

Christmastime by nature is about decorations and beauty. Your holiday sign should blend and compliment, not compete with the decorations of the season. Use the boldness and brightness of the season to make your signs festive and fun.

Remember Your Brand

Never stray from your brand, but the holidays definitely give you permission to add a little creative twist to it. You might add Christmas colors or images to your logo, or a play on words with your tagline that is seasonal. Have some fun, and always remember to keep your brand prominent on all your signs.

Use A Quality Holiday Sign

Just because holiday signage is temporary is no excuse to skimp on quality. Avoid making your own signs (back away from the office printer!), and if you are reusing signage make sure it is still in near-perfect condition. Signs that look homemade, cheap or show signs of wear and tear are not appealing. They might even hurt your brand by looking cheesy and unprofessional.

Sebago Signworks is Always in the Christmas Spirit!

At Sebago Signworks, we are your one-stop sign shop for new sign fabrication and installation. Our design team can help you create custom signs that are high quality with unique flare. Contact us to learn more about the services we offer – there’s still time to get you on the nice sign list!