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Staff Spotlight: Scott Marchant

Staff Spotlight

Staff Spotlight: Scott joined our team during the summer of 2020, and in the last year and a half, we have come to really appreciate all the experience and skills that Scott brings to the table. Not to mention his true passion and enthusiasm for design and production. Scott brings 15 years of graphic design, fabrication, CNC machinery, and hand carving and painting of signs and other promotional materials. He attributes his journey through nearly every type of graphic design application and sign making methods to his outstanding creativity and love for his craft. Today, Scott heads up our production area at Sebago Signworks.

Passion that Started as a Boy

Long before Scott got his degree in graphic design from UMass, he was learning skills with his dad who loved to do build things and do woodworking. Interestingly enough, he even hand carved signs for all their neighbors around their camp.

At his first job in the marketing department of a large firm, he watched how his graphic designs were implemented in overall marketing strategy. This gave him a big-picture understanding of the role design plays in production and implementation.

His career then moved to smaller printing and sign businesses, learning offset printing, plate making and binding. He also worked in screen printing on both textiles, membrane switches and circuit boards, and printed paper materials. He was again very interested in how design on a computer was transformed during production into the “real thing.”

From Small Shop to Large-Scale Production

When his work took him back to a large sign company, he started running large sign making machines – vinyl cutters, plotters, large format printers, and the CNC (computer numerically controlled) machines. He became fascinated that a huge machine, that could take a design on a 15” computer screen and convert it to something that’s 15 feet wide and 3 inches deep. Working on machines that are so big and fast and can cut down 3 inch in minutes, but also do very fine delicate work.

Having all these varied experiences in realms of graphic design and production gave him a great overview and understanding of how graphic design impacts production, and how production options affect marketing outcomes.

Finding the Perfect Spot at Sebago Signworks

When Scott had the opportunity to work for a small sign company like Sebago Signworks, he jumped at the chance. He was anxious to get involved in projects from start to finish again, and doing custom work again. He’s never preferred to sit behind a computer as a graphic artist, but rather “get his hands dirty” as much as possible. He loves being out on the floor, building, hand carving and painting, and using all the skills he’s developed over the years.

“My favorite thing is turning great designs on paper into something tangible with my hands,” says Scott. “My favorite type of work is dimensional, taking flat designs and make them really pop by adding depth and dimension.”

Family Man & Classic Motorcycle Enthusiast

When Scott’s not sign making, he is self-described as a family man, spending as much time as possible with his daughter and girlfriend. They enjoy camping, sports, and staying active outdoors. He is also a big motorcycle lover, and loves riding his restored Harley Davidson original Sportster. He often joins Sebago’s owner, Devin, on Harley rides (if they are arguing about who has the coolest ride).

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