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SSW Staffer Scott Marchant – My Best Advice to Customers

Scott’s role is primarily behind the scenes, leading our production efforts to make the signs we design into the finished physical product. However, he has many years of experience in sign design and production from almost every angle. Here he dishes out some of his best advice to folks about having a custom sign made:

“We can take someone’s idea for a sign and make it in ways they never imagined – with highlights, shadows, color reflection, the way natural light brings out design and colors.”

#1 – Less is Often More

Know your consumer. Sometimes people think that the more they spend, the better the sign will be, and that’s not necessarily true. You don’t need a $10,000 sign for a corner antiques shop. It sounds contrary to our business, but don’t do more than you need to. Do what will work for your business, your location, your clientele. You can be just as effective to have a $800 sign as $10,000 sign. Figure out the best method for your business – to convey the message you need to get out.

#2 – Be Involved

Don’t be afraid to ask a lot of questions. We can’t read minds. Don’t make assumptions about what can/can’t be, etc. We want the customer to feel part of the plan and involved in the process, so we can make sure we understand, and they getting what they want.

#3 – Be Realistic

When you are having a custom sign made, that custom work has many layers and takes time. We aren’t doing generic, mass-produced signs here. What we do is really artwork in large scale. We don’t make the same thing for everyone. We make signs specifically for the customer, their business, and the application. The process can take time. WE have to find the right materials, wait for shipping, to working through design ideas, and figure out production methods. There is a lot of work between conception and creation.

That’s the advice I have for you this time, thanks for reading!