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Truck Lettering vs. Vehicle Wraps – What’s Best for Your Business?

So you’ve bought yourself a vehicle for your business. Your shiny new truck, van, SUV, car or trailer is a great write-off, and a necessity for you to get around and conduct your business. But is it doing ALL it could to help you? Have you considered that it could actually be paying for itself each month?

Effective vehicle signage works 24/7 to advertise your business –
it’s a moving billboard for your business!

Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of 20 business vans, if you use a vehicle to conduct your business each day, you are losing valuable business if you haven’t yet branded this business equipment. Vehicle lettering and advertising wraps are proven to not only provide valuable name recognition, but also bring in new business. The relatively small cost of branding your business vehicles can more than pay for itself.

What’s the Difference between Truck Lettering and Vehicle Wraps?

We typically find that the average business owner doesn’t really have any idea what the difference is between auto lettering, vehicle graphics, and vehicle wraps. Many people consider them basically the same thing. However, there are pretty big differences between them. Let’s start with a good description of your choices.

Typically, the cost of vehicle wrapping is a fair amount more than vinyl truck lettering. Another major difference is the actual product. Lettering is cut from solid color vinyl, whereas vehicle warps are digitally printed UV laminate vinyl. Both choices are decals, described as vehicle graphics. Another big difference between vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps is the coverage and the process in how they are produced and installed.

Truck Lettering

Vehicle lettering usually includes a combination of lettering and/or decals that are digitally printed on vinyl. Vehicle lettering are shapes cut out of standard solid colored vinyl. The shapes and letters are then applied, individually, to the vehicle (or surface as in trailers and other equipment).

Truck Lettering vs. Vehicle Wraps – What’s Best for Your Business?

Truck lettering uses less vinyl, involves less design time, and is simpler to install. less expensive materials and takes less time to install. Your vehicle will be down for an afternoon, typically, meaning you have it back to conduct your business quicker.

Cost Rating: least expensive

Vehicle Wraps

Vehicle wraps, whether partial or full, refers to the vehicle being covered with digitally printed, UV laminated wrap vinyl. It is applied to the vehicle in large sheets, much like wallpapering a wall. Printed vinyl wraps must be laminated with a clear UV coating to keep them from fading. This longer, more extensive process of designing, producing and installing wraps contributes to the higher costs and time involved in completing the project.

Wraps are also referred to as full wraps or partial wraps, relating exclusively to the amount of surface covered on the vehicle.

Truck Lettering vs. Vehicle Wraps – What’s Best for Your Business?

Vehicle Partial Wrap

Partial wraps can be just as effective for advertising as full vehicle wraps. Partial wraps cover anywhere from a third to half of the vehicle typically. Consequently, they cost about a third to half of the cost of a full wrap. The color of the vehicle will be incorporated into the design of a partial wrap so it looks good on the vehicle, impacting the design from that standpoint.

Rating: moderate cost

Vehicle Full Wrap

The full vehicle wrap is designed to utilize all the real estate available on any type of vehicle. Usually covering most of the vehicle, some even cover the roof, windows, and/or lights and bumpers. The color of your vehicle makes no difference when considering a full wrap. Full wraps are the most expensive vehicle advertising option, and take up to 3 days to install.

Truck Lettering vs. Vehicle Wraps – What’s Best for Your Business?

Rating: most expensive

While the cost and installation time may vary between the options, other factors should be considered such as marketing message, advertising goals, and how important the visual brand identity is. That is why working with a qualified vehicle advertising shop is so important, as we can advise clients based on these goals, which product and application is best for their business and their budget.

The return on investment for truck lettering and vehicle wraps can’t be matched by any other advertising media –
making it a no-brainer!

Some “truck lettering” shops may not offer graphic design work or the option for a vehicle wrap, and vise versa. At Sebago Signworks, we offer a full range of vehicle advertising options. We believe that is a distinct advantage for our customers. We have worked with hundreds of businesses to design and install effective vehicle graphics. Our interest is never to “up sell” or suggest more or less than a customer needs to make a big impact with their business vehicle. We work with each business to determine which options best suits their needs and their marketing objectives. Contact us today to learn how we can help you get your business seen wherever you are with vehicle advertising!