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Tips for Choosing the Right Sign Company for Your Business

Finding the right sign company helps your business more than you may realize.

Whether you have an outdated sign that needs replacement, or you’re opening a brand new business and need to get your signage put together, you want to make sure you choose the right sign company for your project. Business graphics are essential to building your brand and marketing your business, so your sign company is part of your marketing team. Most businesses need more than one sign: exterior signs, interior signage, warning and informational signs, ADA signage. It’s important you find the right sign company to work with you!

Here are some important points to consider before you select a sign company to work with:

Skilled Professionals Improve The End Result

Your business sign MUST grab people’s attention. You will not be able to compete in this highly competitive, media-saturated world without making people take notice of your business. A good sign company has valuable experience and insights to help you design the best sign for your purpose.

A sign professional will think about where your sign is going, and how it’s going to be mounted. They will ask you questions to help you decide on the right sign materials, sign size, and the best solutions for your business.

Experienced sign professionals understand what signs work best, for what businesses. They think about more than just your sign – they will consider the big picture of installation, application, and your goals to help you get the right sign.

Because sign shops work with a lot of businesses and types of sign functions, they can advise you on effective sign elements like design details, lighting, etc. They can also ensure that your sign will meet all local regulations and ordinances, avoiding costly fees and delays.

These are all things that the average business owner doesn’t think about. An experienced sign shop is used to all these factors so their input can be invaluable.


Even if you’ve been given a recommendation from the shop next door or a colleague, do your homework. Be sure to check out their website, review their past work, and read through their reviews.

Review their website and portfolio or gallery of the sign company’s examples of their work. Also, be sure to check out platforms like Google for their Google Reviews, and Facebook for customer ratings and photos of past work.

When you take a look at their past work, note the types of customers they work with. Do they have other customers in businesses similar to yours? What is the quality of their clientele? The types of clients a company has worked with says a lot about the quality of their work. It speaks to their overall reputation.

Plan Ahead

Don’t put off ordering signage until the last minute. Sign design, production and installation is a process that doesn’t happen overnight. It may take several weeks to complete the process. Depending on the complexity of the sign you need, and the availability of the materials, you need to plan ahead and have some patience in the sign making process. The right professional sign maker will be worth the wait.

Find A Partner

Hopefully this article has convinced you how important your sign shop is to your overall marketing goals, and how they can help you in the long-term. Getting a sign made often becomes more than just about one sign, so find a partner you want to work with moving forward as your business grows or you need more signage or branding materials.

We’re In It For The Long Haul!

At Sebago Signworks, we have customers that we have worked with for years. We’ve worked with them to develop their branding materials and a brand identity that influences more than just their signage. We have helped them with the initial sign they hung when they opened their business, and we’ve designed new signage for their expansions. We’ve produced eye-catching interior signage to carry their branding indoors, and we’ve installed vehicle advertising on their company trucks.

We’d love to partner with your business – CONTACT US today to learn how we can help you!