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The Signs You Need in 2021

As we bring 2020 very happily to a close, we look to what businesses need to consider for their signage needs in the new year. One thing we notice is that businesses are needing different kinds of signs and branding materials. As we continue to navigate the changing world mid-pandemic, let’s look at current sign trends and what 2021 will bring:

COVID-19 Signage

No, we’re not out of the woods yet, folks. As the coronavirus continues to require businesses to follow certain CDC guidelines and communicate their own safety protocols, business signage must follow suit. COVID-19 has changed the way we do business, how we work, and how we conduct our daily activities. As businesses and organizations work to stay open, it’s important to have proper guidelines posted that are easy to follow. Your signs should be clear and concise about the requirements for people accessing your business – whether they are guests or employees.

You need clear signage at your entrance pertaining to safety requirements such as masks and social distancing, capacity and traffic flow signs inside your facility, and other clear directional signs to help avoid confusion.

The COVID-19 Signs your business should have include:

  • Entrance Signs for Safety Guidelines (mask wearing, social distancing, hand sanitizing stations)
  • Social Distancing-Waiting Line Floor Markers
  • Curbside Pickup Signage & Directions
  • Health Notifications & Quarantine Information
  • CDC Guidelines
  • Crowd & Gathering Limits
  • Delivery & Pick Up
  • Occupancy Restrictions

Innovation & Updates

Many businesses have pivoted or changed the way they conduct business and work with the public. Make sure your signs inform customers about all that you do, and any changes your business has made. If you confuse a customer you lose a customer. Your business signs may need to be updated to alert your customers of online ordering, virtual consultations, or remote service options.

Signs are important – if you confuse a customer, you lose a customer!

More Personalization

People love to feel special. If you have particular groups of customers (parents, small businesses, homeowners, chimney sweeps), why not create some signage personalized just for them. This is a creative way to “sell” to prospective customers – by making them feel like you are talking directly to them.

Less Distractions

We are all inundated with thousands of images every day. It can be overwhelming to the point that people begin to tune-out signs. This opens the door for new signage that is simple and direct. Declutter your signage in 2021 for a more eye-catching messages and branding.

Environmental Consciousness & Sustainability

People are more and more interested in doing business with businesses they can feel good about. While individuals are considering their impact on the planet and our resources, they are looking to businesses to be following suit. Your signage should be sourced from sustainable materials. If your company has environmentally friendly practices, be sure you are letting your customers know about it.

Be Creative & Innovative

Signage and branding materials are more important than ever before. The new year is a perfect time to assess your current business signs and graphics and consider new ways to reach your customers. We know these elements impact business growth and we’d love to help you make a real impact in 2021. We pride ourselves in thinking outside the box – let the experienced and creative team at Sebago Signworks help you make a real impact in 2021!