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The Importance of Good Design – Sign Makers in Maine

As sign makers in Maine, we know no matter what the purpose of your signs or business graphics are, the objective is to grab people’s attention and clearly convey your message. And it needs to happen fast. When people see signs and business graphics they are typically in motion – either moving by in a car, on foot, or simply in the process of doing something. You need to get their attention before they are on to looking at the next interesting object.

Design is the foundation of your whole project –
and its effectiveness.

At Sebago Signworks, it’s important to us that we provide the best sign and business graphics services. This includes offering professional graphic design services. Whether you have your logo and branding materials in hand or are just starting out with no graphics, we will work with you to develop a sign or other marketing materials that will have the impact you need to stand out.

Our Designers are Pro Sign Makers In Maine

Lauren, Devin, and Scott, our designers, have years of experience in design and the hands-on application experience that really impacts creating effective signage and graphics. Lauren has a degree in graphic design and has worked in her own business, as well as others, designing business graphics, logos and signs. She is our lead graphic designer. Scott has also studied graphic design and has developed his skills hands-on in production shops. He is our chief fabricator. His awareness of all the stages of production is invaluable, as the materials used and purposes of business signage and graphics are essential to creating the ones that will have the most impact. Devin, our fearless leader, grew up creating signs in one of the most demanding sign applications and learning from his parents in their family business.

We don’t design in a bubble – our experience allows us to consider all the marketing and advertising applications your graphics may support, resulting in the best possible end product for our customers.

Our expertise helps customers figure out:

  • What your sign should say (and not say).
  • The best font and type style for your sign.
  • What color combinations will work best.
  • If and what graphics will make your sign stand out.
  • Choosing the right size sign.
  • How to make your sign visually interesting.

Whether you have your logo and graphics or not – we can help!

We Ask the Right Questions

A lot of considerations go into creating good signage, logos and graphics. We want to know the big picture of your marketing goals. This helps us determine the best materials, sizes, options and for your signs and graphics. We will ask you a variety of questions so we can fully understand your strategy, as well as your project. Our Custom Logo & Brand Questionnaire which walks you through describing your needs, often raising ideas and factors you haven’t considered. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, and offer ideas and solutions to meet your needs.

We Work the Way that Works for You – Sign makers in Maine

People are busy, business owners are tied up running their businesses, and no one wants to drive around for signs and graphics. We can consult and work with you however you prefer – in person, online through our website forms, or through email correspondence. And of course, a blend of all three!

Get Cohesive Marketing & Branding Materials

We don’t want you to spend your money haphazardly – getting a logo online using clipart, ordering a sign from a big box store’s packaged choices, or trying to do what you can yourself to save money. There are so many ways that design knowledge can impact and improve your brand and carry into the rest of your business (and its success!).

At Sebago Signworks, we can help with your project from start to finish, and in just the ways you need. Let’s talk.

**By the way, if you already have a logo and graphics, but need the necessary Vector files to move forward with any printing, embroidery or other advertising – we can do that for you!