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Importance of Choosing the Right Sign Company

Importance of Choosing the Right Sign Company

Choosing the Right Sign Company is about more than printing or fabricating a sign. Most people think about design, size and placement when getting a business sign, and these factors are certainly important. But what many people fail to consider is WHO is going to create your business sign. If you are having your first business sign made, or you are new to the area and not sure who the best companies are, you may be unsure who to work with. How do you know a great sign shop from a good one?

Here’s our list of what to look for in a sign shop:

Knowledge & Experience

Practice may not make perfect, but experience in the field sure makes a big difference when working with a sign shop. Many issues can come up when designing a new sign, as well as considering all the factors that go into installation. Years of knowledge designing and installing signs gives a considerable upper hand to sign companies who have only been around a short time. We’re a third generation sign company, so, yeah, we’ve seen a thing or two!

Customer Service

Like other vendors for your business, your sign company usually is a business you will have an ongoing relationship with. From needing further signs for your business, to conducting regular maintenance on your signage, to completing repairs on signs should there be damage. When you call the sign company, you should be able to talk to a live person or have your message returned promptly. If they are hard to get in touch with when you are looking to place an order, imagine how tough they may be to communicate with during the project and if anything goes wrong later on.

Quality Sign and Installation Materials

Importance of Choosing the Right Sign Company

There is a HUGE difference between cheap materials and hardware and quality materials and hardware. A sign company who prints a giant sticker and sticks it on some plastic for you is not a quality sign company. We’ve learned the hard way, and because we have high standards, that using the best available materials makes for long-lasting signs (which makes for lasting customers). Our motto is to do it right the first time.

Fast Service When You Need It – Sign Company

If something happens to your sign or you need a new sign fast, having a relationship with a reputable, local sign company will make a big difference. Damaged or missing signage is bad for your brand and your business. We get things fixed quickly for our customers so they always look their best.

Guidance on Sign Types, Design and Placement

A quality sign company should have plenty of advice and counsel for you regarding the type of signs, materials, design features and placement of your new sign. You should be given options to choose from that fit your budget and your marketing goals. They will discuss the impact, pros and cons of your choices, and help you make a good decision that fits your business and brand.

Reliability & Longevity

As we mentioned earlier, most times your needs for a sign are not a one and done thing. Usually you will need further signage, directional signage, sales and promotional signage and even other marketing materials that a sign shop can provide. Many sign companies go out of business after a few years, as it’s a business that requires big investment in equipment and staff. Look for sign company that has been around for a while and have an impressive sign portfolio with lots of projects you can review. Signage needs to be maintained and serviced, and expanded on, so you want a quality company that’s been around for years and will remain so.