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For the Love of (Antique) Trucks

We aren’t sign people who letter trucks, we are truck people who happen to have a business that does antique truck lettering.

antique trucks
Devin’s “Truck Garden”

At Sebago Signworks, when we say family business, we might be talking about our passion (ok, slight obsession) with antique trucks. Particularly, FORD antique trucks. Sebago owner, Devin Fahie, his wife Renee, and their two sons, Zack and Jax, share the hobby of collecting, restoring and driving antique trucks. As a family, their favorite pastime brings them together while they put on a lot of miles in search of their latest acquisition, and attending truck shows in the Northeast.

antique trucks
L – R: Chris Libby, Jax, Devin & Zack Fahie

A Family Fascination with antique trucks

Devin’s eldest son, Zack, already has his CDL license, and Jax can’t wait to get his. Jax is already hankering to get behind the wheel and drive their rigs himself (well, maybe he already has). They aren’t afraid to invest in a classic antique truck that needs some TLC, having restored several in their shop at home. In fact, Devin works on his trucks whenever he gets a chance. Any truck enthusiast knows – there’s always something to tinker with!

Devin himself is a Ford guy. While he is hesitant to name his favorite truck since it’s kind of like choosing a favorite kid, he is partial to his Ford W9000, mostly because it’s a very rare truck. This red cab over has been restored carefully by him, and sitting so high and forward in the cab makes it a very fun truck to drive!

antique trucks
Ford W9000

What’s So Special About Ford Trucks

The first Ford truck rolled off the assembly line in Dearborn, Michigan in July of 1917.

Henry Ford gets the credit for both the first factory-built pickup truck and for coining the term “pickup”. Ford wanted to create a purpose-built vehicle that was affordable, simple to operate, and durable. The development of the pickup truck forever changed the auto industry. Trucks have really changed the very nature of work itself. A century later, Ford trucks are among the most iconic vehicles in the world, and one of the most used commercial truck.

What’s On the Wishlist?

Surprisingly, Devin’s Wishlist doesn’t actually name a model of Ford truck he has yet to introduce to his collection. His greatest hope is to get all of his antique truck collection in pristine condition.  

This time of year, the Fahie boys are busy getting all their trucks out of winter storage in the barn and shining them up so they are ready for a summer of taking them on the road.

antique trucks

If you’d like to see more of Devin’s antique truck collection, and follow their adventures, visit their Facebook page: Olds Cool Truck Collection.