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Custom Signs Provide Immediate Return on Your Investment

Custom Signs – They say you never get a second chance to make a first impression, and this is sure true with the first impression your business sign delivers. Yes, your sign guides people into your business, but it also sends a strong message about your business. Your sign implies the level of quality, professionalism and permanency of your business. When you invest in a custom sign, consumers see that you care about excellence.

Signs send a powerful message about your brand –
so make sure it’s a good one!

Custom signs have real-money value to any business. They draw consumers in your door, they speak to brand quality, and they say you are here to stay which builds trust. These are all attributes that bring your business money, making investing in a quality custom sign a smart business decision.

Promote Your Brand in a Vibrant Way

A big part of building your business brand is the physical presence of your brand identity. Like putting your logo and tagline on your website, vehicles, and shirts, your business sign has a large physical authority in brand messaging. Your business sign can display your company colors, logo and other parts of your branding, as well as display your business location. The more people recognize your brand, the stronger your business marketing is and the more brand loyalty you build – which equal more sales!

custom signs

Make a Great First Impression

Consumers learn – and assume – all sorts of things about a business based on its sign. A lousy sign, let’s be honest, sends a lousy message about your business. If you don’t care enough to have a nice looking sign, people will assume you don’t care much about your product or services either. A professional, eye-catching sign says you are a professional, energetic business.

Market Your Business 24/7

The marketing capabilities of a custom sign is definitely one of its biggest benefits. Signs don’t take days off, they promote your business day and night. They only need to be paid for once to work for many years. A custom sign is extremely cost-effective. There are few marketing efforts that put as much work in for your business marketing as a sign does.

Help Your Customers Find You Easily

Even when a customer knows they want to come to your business, if they can’t find you, they will move on to a competitor. You need a sign that your customers can see easily, quickly, and potentially going by at 60 miles an hour. Or it may need to stand out amongst many signs on a marque. Cater to your potential customers by ensuring your business sign is easy to spot.

Custom Signs Provide Immediate Return on Your Investment

Draw the Attention of Passersby

Custom business signs are designed to be seen by all who travel past your business. You can be seen by local vehicle and foot traffic, and often people find a business just by seeing the sign. Turn a passerby into a customer with a quality sign that draws them into your business.

Stand Out from Your Competition

Your competitors’ lack of appreciation for good signage, is your advantage! Beat out the competition with a better physical presence marking your business. A well designed, high quality sign shows you are the better business to work with.

Sebago Signworks Offers the Best in Custom Signs

Hopefully, this article has convinced you of the value of custom signs and how they can impact your business sales immediately. That’s why, when designing a sign for your business, you want the best. Contact us to get started creating a great sign for your business.