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Benefits of Lobby Signs

Instead of boring plain walls or unremarkable artwork, use lobby signs to engage visitors and inform customers about who you are.

Lobby Signs

Signs in your reception area – lobby signs – offer a lot of benefits to every kind of organization or company. Lobby signs make better use of bland, bare walls in your entrance or reception areas. They let people know they are in the right place, and can reinforce your branding and business graphics. You can also get creative with lobby signs by creating a company history, featured products, or project portfolio. You might just add some interesting wall art or images.

Lobby signs are a great investment in your marketing because they can serve a lot of purposes:

Make a Lobby Warmer & More Inviting

You want visitors to your business to feel welcomed right away. When they walk into an expanse of stark walls, it’s not creating a very friendly environment. Lobby signs add color and interest to your reception area which makes it a much more comfortable place to wait.

Display Business Branding, Slogan and Mantra

The entrance to your business is a great opportunity to reinforce your company branding. Three-dimensional, colorful graphics of your logo will leave a memorable impression. These blank areas are also a perfect spot to display your business tagline or slogan. Use this area as an opportunity to let visitors know what you are all about.

Offer a Visual Presentation of Your Products and Services

Make sure customers know about all the facets of your business. Have visuals of different products or their production to educate visitors. Show images of your team working with customers and providing services in the field. Lobby signs can provide a very artistic exhibit that informs visitors about all the aspects of your business.  

Let People Know They are in the Right Place

There’s no small value in making sure you have signage that sets your business or departments apart from others. If you share office space or are a tenant in a building of suites, use reception area signs to distinguish your business. Don’t blend into the background – stand out among the occupants!

Provide Wayfinding

Lobby signs also serve to provide directional cues to different offices or facilities in your business. Make sure visitors are not frustrated trying to figure out where the conference room, bathrooms, elevator or other offices are. Help people find their way immediately when they enter your business.

Display Honors & Awards

If you’ve received any accolades, awards, or distinctions as a business or for individual professionals in your organization, let you customers know! Create lobby signs or plaques acknowledging longevity with the company or internal customer service awards given to staff members. Displaying such recognition gives your business credibility, and establishes expertise in your industry.

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