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8 Advantages of Vinyl Signs

Vinyl signs are some of the most widely chosen type of signage used by a wide range of businesses. Businesses  and organizations need signage for a lot of applications – marking their business location and entrance, advertising sales and promotions, providing direction to customers, as well as offering branding recognition. Business signs deliver a lot of important and relevant messages to current and potential customers in a very effective way.  

Here are 8 reasons why you might choose vinyl signs for your business or organization:

Vinyl Signs are Durable

When applied properly, vinyl signs are sturdy, weatherproof, and long-lasting. The high-quality vinyl that Sebago Signworks uses is far more UV protected than earlier vinyl products. Today’s vinyl is water and sun resistant, making them a good choice for outdoor advertising. You can depend on your vinyl sign to last for many years and still look good.

They are Very Versatile

vinyl signs

Vinyl signs can be applied to any number of substrates – wood, aluminum, acrylic, plastic glass and wallboard. They work well indoors and outdoors. Vinyl offers long lasting vehicle lettering and vehicle wraps for taking your brand with you on the road. It works well for storefront, banners, floor graphics, yard and retail signs. Vinyl signs can turn your entrance door or window into advertising, or direct your customers through your establishment. Have a motivational saying for employees – why not apply it to the employee kitchen wall with vinyl lettering?!

They are Lightweight and Portable

Depending on the substrate material you choose, vinyl itself is very lightweight. So if you are looking for a seasonal or temporary sign it’s a great option. Vinyl signs are good options for signage you want to be able to move around or take to an event with you, like a sandwich board or banner. Because vinyl is durable, you can reuse these signs over many years, making them a sound investment of your marketing budget.

They are Colorful

Our vinyl signs are digitally printed with the best quality printers and inks on the market. There are a huge number of beautiful, eye-catching colors available, so we can match your logo and branding colors with precision. You can also create a very colorful sign that will really grab people’s attention. The best way to attract customers to your business is with signage that is rich in color with a design that is unique to your business.

They can be Produced Quickly

If you are in need of a sign for your business as soon as possible, vinyl is a great option. We carry many colors in stock, and can create a new vinyl sign with a much faster turnaround than a custom sign with more production requirements. It’s a matter of design, printing, applying to the substrate and off you go with your new sign!

They can be Customized

Our vinyl signs can be customized to fit the exact needs, colors and design of your business branding and messaging. They can be produced in a variety of sizes and styles. Because vinyl can be applied to so many surfaces, it is perfect for signage on windows, walls and other more unique surfaces.

vinyl signs

They Drive Traffic

There are so many applications and options for vinyl signs. A business can really use them creatively to increase foot traffic to your location. Colorful signs and banners will catch the eye of passers by and draw them to your business. Using creative applications such as portable vinyl signage, you can advertise specials, sales and other marketing promotions.

They are Affordable

Probably the number one reason vinyl signs are so popular is that they are about the most affordable sign option. New and small businesses often have tight budgets, but still need effective signage. Because our vinyl signs are high quality and long lasting, can be reused and moved easily if necessary, and meet many types of business messaging needs, they are a good economical option for a business on a budget.

The benefits of proper signage to a business is infinite, and are powerful tools in marketing and promotion. If you need an affordable and fast turnaround for a sign for your business, vinyl might be the way to go.

Still, like any product, not all sign shops are equal when it comes to vinyl signs. At Sebago Signworks, we purchase the highest quality brands of vinyl sheet colors, and use the highest quality printers and ink. How you fabricate vinyl signs also matters. We have two professional application (basically laminating) tables that apply high and consistent pressure when the vinyl is applied when the protectant coating is applied. We put our reputation behind every sign we make, so quality matters here!

You don’t have to be an expert in design to get a visually appealing, attention grabbing sign. Our design team is here to assist you with selecting the right size, colors, and style of a sign for your business or organization – give us a call to learn how we can help your business or organization!

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