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7 Powerful Ways to Use Wall Graphics in Your Business

Wall Graphics and Environmental signage creates a pleasant experience while keeping visitors informed.

Wall Graphics – The interiors of a business offer great marketing and brand messaging opportunities that often go untapped. Instead of boring, plain walls, why not grab the attention of visitors and your employees with interesting visual displays or graphics?

Corporate wall graphics and wall wraps are extremely versatile. There are many creative options – promote your logo and branding, display company history or projects, offer inspiring or motivational quotes, or simply add the visual interest of an outdoor scene. Anything is better than looking at blank wall space!

7 Powerful Ways to Use Wall Graphics in Your Business
  • Welcome Customers
  • Build Brand Recognition
  • Convey Company Culture
  • Relax & Sooth Visitors
  • Help People Find Their Way
  • Inspire & Motivate
  • Feature Area Views
  • And so many other creative ideas!

Done thoughtfully and with purpose, interior wall graphics and wraps create a warmer environment and communicate a positive company culture. Here are 7 ways these custom graphics can be used in your business:

Promote Your Brand

Your lobby and other visitor areas make the first impression of your business. Custom wall graphics placed in these areas will brand and market your business as soon as your customer steps through the door. Beautifully displaying your company logo and branding with a custom wall graphic will make a great, memorable first impression.

Conveys Stability, Professionalism and Confidence

Investing in wall displays conveys confidence in your products and services, and says you are here to stay. When you show that you invest in your business, it improves your image as a professional company. It signals to your potential clients that you pay attention to details and have everything under control.

Put Your Mission or Core Values Front & Center

Large scale visuals can be a compelling representation of the company’s mission, vision and core values. Sharing these so openly will really connect people – both on staff and guests. Wall graphics emphasize the shared goals of your company which can give meaning to daily work life.

Wall Graphics

Share Your Company History

A really cool trend we are seeing in corporate wall graphics is the displaying of a company’s timeline and history. You can visually tell the story of journey in an interesting way. Why not use otherwise wasted space to highlight your company’s growth and evolution through the years?

Inspire & Motivate Visitors and Staff

Wall Graphics

Wall graphics and wraps aren’t just meant for customers. A pleasant work environment is proven to enhance employee attitude and productivity. Wall graphics can serve to inspire employees and remind them of their purpose and value as a member of the team. For visitors, wall graphics can lift their spirits and entertain and inform them while they wait.

Market Your Products or Services

When you offer a powerful visual representation of your brand, you will catch the attention of any passerby much more effectively than traditional marketing efforts. By illustrating your company in this way you don’t need to make a sales pitch because your graphics are doing the work for you. This unique impact will make people remember you even after they leave your facility. When you meet with a new client, your wall graphics can be a part of your presentation!

Give Directional & Wayfinding Information

Visitors unfamiliar with your space will look for important wayfinding signage to inform them of where everything is located. Utilizing custom, branded directional signage will grab attention and help your visitors understand where things are while reminding them of your brand as well.

Why Use a Professional Graphics Design & Installation Company?

At Sebago Signworks, our custom, eye-catching designs will help promote your business and reinforce your branding. We can work with your existing creative or help design something new. We use the highest quality vinyl and adhesive, and our experience installers ensure your graphics are positioned smoothly and look professional. Contact us today to discuss how to spruce up your interior wall and window space!

Wall Graphics