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7 HUGE Benefits of Truck Lettering & Vehicle Wraps

Not sure what the best way to market your business is? Tired of spending a lot of money on advertising? Looking for a way to stand out among your competitors? One of the most inexpensive, high impact answers to all these questions is – truck lettering and vehicle advertising! For a fraction of what you would spend to advertise in traditional media outlets, vehicle advertising is a great way to advertise, brand and market your business.

Nothing brands your business quite like vehicle advertising.

When you add vehicle lettering or an advertising wrap to your business automobile you are creating a moving billboard for your business! You bring your advertising with you – you decide where your market is and simply need to go there! With a business card or brochure, someone has to want that, but when you advertise on your vehicle, people look at it automatically. It it’s eye-catching they will notice you even if they may not have been looking for your business!

Vehicle branding is extremely versatile and a powerful marketing opportunity that goes wherever you go.

7 HUGE Benefits of Truck Lettering & Vehicle Wraps

You can reach a very large audience.

One of the greatest benefits of truck lettering and vehicle advertising is the ability to target and reach a large audience. Because they are mobile, you can take your advertising with you wherever you go. You can cover an entire city, a whole neighborhood, or the local marketplace parking lot. You can reach people that many businesses are not able to. Internet ads only reach individuals on certain websites. Print ads reach only certain readers. But an advertisement on your work vehicle can reach many more. You can even target specific areas at certain times of day to ensure that your message is constantly appearing in high traffic areas!

You will stand out among your competitors.

We all pass by hundreds of vehicles each day, driving down the highway to work, parking in a parking lot, walking in our neighborhood. What ones do you notice? The cars and trucks with business graphics popping out from the sides! When your business is one of many, you need a way to be noticed and remembered. Vehicle lettering and graphics provide a visual way for people to find out about your business, and offers a very impressive way for people to remember it.

You will make it easy for people to contact your business.

Lettering your work truck lets people know how to contact you quickly and easily. Wrapping your fleet with your business branding makes your business memorable and says you are the company to hire. Vehicle advertising is creating a moving business card, delivering your brand message and all your contact information in a large format that can’t be matched with other advertising efforts.

7 HUGE Benefits of Truck Lettering & Vehicle Wraps

You look more professional.

There are a lot of fly-by-night companies out there doing construction and other home services businesses. Anyone with a vehicle can start a business, but when you arrive with your branded vehicle, proudly displaying your company information, you are saying that you are a professional, dependable company. You are making a great first impression and building trust with a small investment of advertising dollars.

You don’t have to be a big company to look like one!

You benefit from more referrals for your services.

When someone needs to hire a company to work on their home, they often ask their neighbors who they use. When people need to find a professional to help them in some way, they get online and search or ask around. All this research takes time and energy. When your vehicle is parked at a job site or while visiting a client, your business information is front and center – making it very easy for people to learn about you. They see you going down the highway all the time – you must be busy. They see you parked at their neighbor’s house – you must be good. People see others are hiring you, they will take that as a good sign that you are qualified and trustworthy, and they will call you too!

You are spending your advertising dollars on a very cost-effective, high impact result.

Quality vehicle lettering and wraps last several years, making the investment pennies over time as compared to the cost of traditional media advertising. Vehicle wrap advertising has the lowest cost per impression that is shown to increase sales, and has been shown to increases sales by as much as 107%. Advertising on a vehicle is less expensive than many traditional marketing outlets, far more affordable than print ads, or TV and radio commercials. Your vehicles will continue to deliver your message all day every day, without the need to continue to pay for it like other advertising efforts.

Put your advertising dollars to work for you immediately by bringing it with you wherever you go!

7 HUGE Benefits of Truck Lettering & Vehicle Wraps

Sebago Signworks offers a variety of options for all your vehicle and equipment advertising needs.

We do traditional truck and fleet vinyl lettering, a fast and easy way to make sure your business card goes where you go. Vehicle advertising wraps offer a colorful and creative way to brand your vehicles for eye-catching on-the-go marketing. Advertising wraps don’t have to stop at vehicles either! Consider your other tools and equipment for more branding and advertising opportunities.

Make sure your company contact information is front and center as you go down the road, while parked at a jobsite, or whenever you visit clients or events. Contact us today for a FREE consultation and to learn more about our lettering and wrapping services!

Choose vehicle advertising for a cost-effective, high-impact solution to your marketing needs!