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5 Reasons to Use Vehicle Advertising for Your Fleet Vehicles

Vehicle graphics have gone way beyond the old days of sticking on basic lettering of your company name, phone number, and showing DOT numbers. Please, no more “How’s my driving?” on the back of a company truck. Today, the options for vehicle graphics allow us to use your fleet vehicles to get really creative with brand marketing. Vehicle graphics offer so many opportunities to advertise your company and inform consumers about your brand like never before. If you haven’t wrapped your fleet yet – it’s time to embrace this huge advertising opportunity!

Here are the top 5 reasons to use vehicle lettering and wraps for your fleet vehicles:

Brings In New Business

One of the key reasons vehicle graphics work so effectively is that they are memorable.

Vehicle Graphics

Potential customers will remember what see. If your basic white work vans pull up to a project, nobody will know your name. However, when your vans feature colorful graphics, and your corporate information, building name recognition is a snap. People tend to call a brand they feel familiar with; fleet advertising builds consumer trust and confidence.

Vehicle advertising promotes a Call to Action everywhere your vehicles go. Your printed business name and contact information leads people directly to contacting you.

Reinforces Your Branding

Fleet lettering sets you apart from your competition. There’s no better way to get your brand message out than to take advantage of all the real estate your fleet vehicles offer. How you treat your vehicles – with colorful, quality vehicle wraps – tells your customer something about your values. A company’s values around quality really resonates with consumers. Consumers feel good about buying from you when there are shared values. Fostering brand awareness goes a long way toward influencing future buying decisions.

It’s Low Cost Advertising

Dollar for dollar, vehicle graphics are far less expensive than other advertising options. Digital ads only reach your customers if they are targeted just right, and then your audience has to see them. Print ads are only around for a few days. Vehicle lettering lasts five to seven years, works 24/7. Wherever your fleet goes, your advertising goes. You are way more likely to get attention with vehicle graphics than with more traditional advertising options.

Vehicle Graphics

Shows Company Pride & Quality

Your company vehicles send a strong message about the entire organization. Taking pride in displaying great branding through vehicle graphics shows confidence and strength as a brand. It’s a great way to share your pride directly with potential customers.

Driving well cared for vehicles energizes your drivers. Just as people feel better working in nice office environments, your fleet vehicles are the driver’s office – give them a nice one!

Vehicle Graphics

Makes Your Fleet Seem Large (Even if It Isn’t)

When people start to see your trucks everywhere, your company seems to be large – even if it isn’t. Use images of your vehicles with their wraps in your other marketing materials, on your website, in your social media. This gives a further impression that you have vehicles everywhere (implying you have a lot of them).

Sebago Signworks can design and install fleet graphics and vehicle wraps for all your company vehicles, trucks and equipment. From a few company vans to a large fleet of delivery trucks – we’ll get you on the road to better advertising and brand messaging! Contact Us to learn more.