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Granite Mailbox Posts

A granite post for your mailbox can really enhance the appearance of the entrance to your property and be a great addition to your overall landscape. Far more durable and long-lasting than wood or other materials, our granite mailbox posts will welcome your visitors – and your mail – for years to come!

  • 100% natural stone from New England quarries
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Naturally durable to withstand Maine’s freeze-thaw cycles
  • Fully installed, including mailbox
  • Custom engraving available to personalize with name or address number
mailbox posts
Granite Mailbox Posts

Sebago Stoneworks installs natural granite mailbox posts harvested from New England granite quarries. Highly regarded the world over, our local New England granite has been the chosen material for numerous historic landmarks – so why not house your mailbox on one?!

Our handsome granite mailbox posts are a substantial 6″ square and 7’ tall, and will withstand the forces of nature year after year. Compared to wood and other stone materials, granite is harder, has a much lower rate of deterioration, and a lower water absorption rate than other materials.

We fully install our granite mailbox posts, including the mailbox (also made in America), according to the USPS mailbox installation guidelines for height and distances. Because we are a very fussy team here at Sebago Stoneworks, our installations are done using optimal fill materials, compaction techniques, and careful leveling for a satisfaction-guaranteed finished project!


Our custom stone engraving options allow you to make your mailbox post truly your own. We now offer sandblasting to create custom designs for stone carving and engraving on rock surfaces. Why not add your name, property address number, or whatever creative design idea you have? If it will fit on your post – we can engrave it there for you!

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